I’ve launched a new podcast, Model Suburb, which tells the intriguing story of South Australia’s Colonel Light Gardens.

The Adelaide suburb of Colonel Light Gardens is like Australia’s answer to Pleasantville. Think wide, winding tree-lined streets, 1920s bungalows, and the odd Stepford Wife-alike.

Originally, the land – about 7km south of the CBD – was used for an army camp. Now it’s internationally recognised as a model garden suburb. But it’s what’s behind the suburb’s glossy façade that really makes it interesting …

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Presenters: Carla Caruso & James Elsby

Email us at carla@carlacaruso.com.au

This podcast is an independent production. We received a Maggy Ragless Memorial Grant from the City of Mitcham to help produce it.

For more on Colonel Light Gardens’ history, check out this state heritage page.

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